This website provides an overview of activities conducted by MAPAPA.  The website that is updated regularly with current events is located at The site serves to facilitate membership activities, broadcast email and take care of most of our needs related to current and future events hosted by MAPAPA.  The site also serves as the hub of our membership registration and payment site for all organizational activities.  The shuttlepod site provides the most up-to-date information on the events open to members.

After logging in to view information on paint outs and events go to and click on “Events Calendar.”

To register for events, go to the shuttlepod site. If you'd like to organize a paint out and need someadvice on setting one up, see Host a Paintout in the shuttlepod website and contact the MAPAPA Paint-Out Coordinator, for assistance in creating an event for you to host. If you need an event posted, discuss this with the Paint-Out Coordinator.

Events Not Sponsored by MAPAPA
Note: If you are a coordinator of a plein air painting event from another membership organization and wish to post your activity for MAPAPA members to view the workshop, event, exhibition, etc, you are hosting, contact The Palette Newsletter Coordinator who will evaluate your request and if accepted will post your activity in the The Palette newsletter, a monthly multi-page document that is emailed to all active members.

Please note that events from non-MAPAPA organizations will only be considered if they have relevance to the plein air painting genre, are located within a reasonable distance of the membership coverage area (Maryland, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware) and a verifiable contact source is provided.

Note to members:  Events not sponsored by MAPAPA must be assessed by members individually.  MAPAPA makes no claim toward investigating each posted other than the ones organized directly by MAPAPA.  Members attend and participate at their own risk.  Fees or payments of any kind, refunds or satisfaction in the content of the activity will not be guaranteed or financially insured by MAPAPA.

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