MAPAPA employes both this website along with a second website that facilitates tasks like initiating               memberships, renewals, registering for workshops and paintout events.

  • To join MAPAPA as a new member click here NEW MEMBER to register.  

  • To renew your membership or update your membership record, MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS.  

  • To see instructions for becoming a member or renewing membership click MEMBERSHIP INSTRUCTIONS to visit the membership pages on our other website. The links above will take you to a different website.


The current cost of membership is $50 a year, renewable on the anniversary date of the month you joined. Once a member, you will receive an automated reminder to renew your membership. Please remember the messages are automated and you may get a few of them even though you may have recently renewed your membership. Be patient, it takes time for our treasurer and membership coordinator to assure that records are update with payments, especially if you pay by check. 

If for some reason you are unable to access the MAPAPA membership site to join, renew or log into the membership website, send an e-mail to the current Membership Coordinator for MAPAPA.  Click on the link here (Send Message) to alert the Membership Coordinator if you have trouble with new or a renewal of your membership.  


Most of the problems members encounter with our membership website has to do with the following:

  • Changing your email addresses and not updating the MAPAPA member site to provide the new email address.

  • Forgetting the password to the membership site.  


The Membership Coordinator does not have to be contacted if you forget your password.  The site provides an automated way to change your password if you forget it.

If you wish to join and pay membership dues by check or money order, contact the current membership coordinator at this email address for instructions on mailing your payment:

Please include the name of the member who is joining, your mailing address and most important, your email address, so that you can be entered into our membership roster and start receiving email messages about MAPAPA activities.

Why Join MAPAPA?
Through exhibitions, workshops, and other special events, we promote the appreciation of, and participation in the art of outdoor painting. By becoming a member you are eligible to participate in workshop and painting trips (paint outs). A very special membership benefit is something we call Paint Out Plus, where we arrange for an accomplished artist to share a favorite painting place with you and to provide free instruction. You will also receive our e- newsletter and e-mail updates about events. Through our newsletter, The Pallette, we provide one of the most valuable benefits: important information about events, workshops and other news so that you can be informed about opportunities and in-touch with one of the most vibrant art communities anywhere. Paint outs provide wonderful opportunities to meet fellow painters, learn while doing and learn while observing and asking artists’ questions.


Who can join?
Anyone interested in the fine art of outdoor painting (painting "en plein air").


Levels of Membership:


Member - Application for membership at the Member level is open to any person interested in participating in plein air painting as an artist or patron. Members may apply to participate in exhibitions. Membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues.


Artist Member - An Artist Member is someone who has been an active and participating MAPAPA member for a certain number of years (3). They must be an accomplished Plein Air painter. Is someone who has demonstrated a commitment to Plein Air Painting by participating in a specified number of MAPAPA events, juried as well as non-juried (5 ), and by encouraging and supporting the activity of Plein Air Painting (by organizing paint outs, volunteering at PA or the Annual Meeting or in some other capacity, such as in serving on the MAPAPA board.) Artist Member Application Instructions can be downloaded by clicking this ARTIST MEMBER link.


Signature Member - The board reviews and invites Artist Members in good standing to become Signature Members.


Please contact the membership coordinator at Membership if you have any questions or concerns.

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