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MAPAPA Virtual Exhibit

Summer, 2020


Members Share the Art They Made While We Have Sheltered in Place

Hover over an image to obtain information. Click on an image to see the full artwork and the description. Click on any image, then use the left and right arrows to navigate to each adjoining image in the show.

Judging Results

Judging of the virtual exhibition was performed by Olena Babak who has entered and won a number of competitions in the Mid-Atlantic region and has appeared in Plein Air Magazine

First Place:  Beth Bathe 

This painting has a contemplative feeling that is complimented by a strong design. It has a really nice command of the medium that helps you to travel through the painting with ability to use areas of refinement and abstraction.  Bold use of red combined with a limited pallet helps to give a harmonized feel without loosing its strong effect.


Second Place:    Michael Kotarba 

A very sensitive, meditative work with excellent command of the medium without being overly rendered. Very successfully use of pencil sketch as part of the final effect. The clouds demand attention serving the main roll in the composition while remaining light and airy.


Third Place:   Mick McAndrews 

Great balance between abstraction and realism and use of both soft and hard edges.  This work has a wonderful way of suggesting things just enough for the viewer to be able to follow the ideas of the artist.


HM1:   Sarah Linda Poly

Wonderful use of light and composition.   Creating mood with color and shapes.


HM2:   John Caggiano

When looking at this painting you think that you know this place, you have been there, it brings you in and relates to you on a very human level.


HM3:  Dan Graziano

Unapologetic use of color and brushwork.  It's brave, direct, fast and immediate.


HM4:   Bruno Baran

A familiar place elevated by light with exceptional use of patterns to give that spring feeling against the deep blue of the sky.

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