The bylaws of MAPAPA requires the organization to maintain an active group of board members that number between 10 and 15 directors. The board meets four times a year and at the Annual Meeting.


To contact any of the board members who elect to have email links associated with them, Click on the name of the committee after the board member's name to open your email program and send a message.


Chairman of the Board: Bruno Baran: Email: Chairman
President: Michael Skalka:  Email: President 
Treasurer: Lissa Abrams:  Email: Treasurer
Secretary: Beth Brownlee Bath: Email: Secretary


David Diaz: Email: Exhibitions

Pending: Email: Paint Outs  (Primary Contact)

Jill Glassman: Email: Membership

Hai-ou Hou  At Large Board Member

​​Lynn Mehta At Large Board Member

Tom Ritchie: Email: Newsletter 


Pamela Betts : Email: Membership

Michael Skalka: Email: Website

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Please note:  For Art Related Organizations and Activities: If you wish to inform our members about an event you are hosting, send a message to our Paintout board members and the Newsletter Editor.  The webmaster does not post painting activities, to our membership website found at  http://www.mapapa.shuttlepod.org/

Please note that sending an email regarding paintout events will copy it to all the paintout coordinators.



Many of MAPAPA's benefits and activities come out of its committees. We invite you to join in by contacting either the Board Chair or President.


Exhibition Coordinators: Our goal is to offer an all-member exhibition on an annual basis. Research and track the availability of regional exhibition sites, and get MAPAPA placed on the exhibition calendars of these sites. 
Education Coordinator: We have good ideas for educational seminars and MD Hall is readily available. Coordinate one or two such events a year and develop new ideas for the future.
Fundraising Coordinator:  For those with a talent for writing grants and soliciting funds from donors, this committee focuses on raising both money and awareness of the programs offered by MAPAPA. 
Membership Liaison: MAPAPA sends e-mails to the membership and receives questions about membership. Our correspondence needs to be composed in conjunction with our events and calendar. 
Authors: Do you like to write? MAPAPA’s stories need to be told. Writing can contribute to our Web site, Newsletter, and also be submitted to regional media to promote our events and organization.
Sponsorship Coordinator:  The purpose of this subcommittee is to seek goods and/or services such as art materials from manufacturers to supplement special events organized by MAPAPA.  This includes art materials for members attending the annual meeting and assisting the Paint Annapolis coordinator with regional or national support for the painting competition. 
Publicity: We would like to reach out to regional media on a more regular basis, to further our mission and promote our events. We would like help in listing contacts and methods of submission. 
Image Archive: Many of us have snapshots of our colleagues and our events that can become a good resource for the group. We would like to create a computer home where these images can be organized for storage and retrieval.


MAPAPA is an incorporated 501 c 3 public charitable organization with a current IRS letter of determination and tax exempt status in the state of Maryland.  The members as listed above is an all volunteer board of directors serving the membership for terms of office as dictated by the organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation. 


Our mailing address is:



3831 Proctor Lane

Nottingham, MD 21236-4748


Our website is:



Our membership website is:


For important questions and concerns not addressed on this page that requires the attention of the entire board of MAPAPA, please use the form below to send an email to the current board members.  Please do not submit a proposal or request for advertising an event for members using this email form.

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